Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I show my dog?
A. The decision to show your dog is completely up to you. My advice is to speak with your breeder first and ask them if they feel that your dog is good enough to be shown. Furthermore, familiarize yourself with your breed Standard and determine how your dog measures up to it. Depending on the breed, I can offer you my honest opinion about your dog.

2. What will it cost to have my dog shown?
A. I have a rate sheet and a handling agreement that outlines this. Obviously, the longer the duration and the greater the frequency a dog is shown, the more it will cost.

 3. How long will it take to finish my dog’s championship?
A. There are numerous factors that come into play in determining the answer to this question. Firstly, how well does your dog conform to its breed Standard in conformation, temperament and soundness? No one can honestly give a precise answer regarding this and there is really only one way to find out: show the dog and see what happens.

 4. Can I meet you at the show for you to show my dog?
A. Yes, if we agree beforehand that this is what you’d like to do. Most of the time, you will do all the preparation such as training, grooming and conditioning and I would then just take the dog in the ring.

5. Should I special/campaign my dog?
A. This is another personal question that only you can decide. Please consider as many factors regarding this as you can to include the dog’s quality, your budget and your goals in going ahead with such an undertaking.